Not all superheroes wear capes

I decided a bit of fun was needed for all our hard-working teams so for a bit of fun I decided to get some of the frontline staff & vaccinators in for a Covid hero shoot. Over the last few months while our studio was closed I joined the covid vaccinating team and have been so lucky to have met many lovely people from so many different walks of life who just want to help in any way they can. While some still had full-time day jobs they would come in on what should have been their day off to help the UK get back to what we can call 'Normal' and the amount of volunteers who have given up so much time to help support their community is just amazing so I wanted to have a little shoot with them as a thank you for all the hard work they've been doing.

#nhs #frontline #frontlinestaff #nheheroes #covid_19 #covidvacccine #dayjobs #extrajob #forthecommunity


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